I used to think that my life story was of no importance to anyone other than me. A part of me still feels this way, being that it\'s MY story, but I realize that we all have a story to tell.

My spiritual journey began when I was a little girl. As a child, I knew I was different. I saw and felt things that no one seemed to ever talk about. It was hard to grow up like this, who could I talk with? So, I didn\'t. I became a wallflower; it seemed easier that way. I spent many years of my childhood and young adulthood trying to ignore and avoid the things I saw and felt.

Now in my late 50\'s, I\'ve learned through hard work and with the help of some incredible teachers, to accept and love this part of me. My gift is given to me from Divine and is to be used for my own healing, first and foremost, then for healing and Love to others.

After working in the construction industry for over 20 years, I was guided through a dream, to sell my business and go back to school. Having completed a Bachelors Degree in Sociology years before, it was time to go back to counseling of some type and healing work, but not in the traditional sense. I knew that traditional counseling was not for me, so I applied to The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology www.itp.edu in Palo Alto, California.

This was a perfect fit for me! ITP was the green light I needed & give myself permission to explore my intuitive side. It brought all of the work I had been doing with a spiritual teacher into clear view. The year with ITP was a huge transformation for me and I graduated as a Certified Counselor in Body, Mind Consciousness and Wellness. During this time, I also became a Reiki Master.

I continued my education with The American Institute of Holistic Theology www.aiht.edu where I received a Masters Degree and PhD in Metaphysics. I was blessed to become an Ordained Minister through the Metaphysical Universal Ministries www.spirit-mum.org in Pennsylvania.

All the meanwhile providing counseling, doing healing work and developing my intuitive skills. My practice includes Spiritual Counseling, Breathwork, Lightwork, Energy Healing, Shamanism, Marriage and Family, and Addictions Counseling. Each of these healing modalities has their own style and method of healing. I use whichever method I am guided to use by Divine for that particular client for their healing.

Admittedly, I am a habitual student. Since receiving my PhD, I have also received a Certification in Addiction Counseling. I'm always taking a class or two, continuing to grow and learn.

I live in a beautiful area of Colorado - just outside of Vail, Colorado. I live with my three wonderful dogs, a cockapoo named Maggie, a Clumber Spaniel named Gabbie, a Golden Retriever named Jack, along with two cats, Idgie & Devi. I have a son who is 33 years old, married to beautiful Michele with my two incredible granddaughters, Alaina & Kira.

My first book, Begendings: A New Perspective, is now published and available at The Bookworm in Edwards, online with Barnes & Noble and amazon.com in 2010. I have 2 more books coming out soon - watch for them. I am truly looking forward to this year!!!

I must work on me first! This is imperative. For me, there is no other choice. If I am not doing my work, then I cannot give the best to myself, my clients and students. I make sure to start my day with a prayer of thanks - thanks for waking up - thanks for a new day - thanks for the opportunity to make this day better than any other! I must prepare myself by moving my life stuff out of the way before I work with anyone. This is most important to me as I don't need the client's stuff and they don\'t need mine. As long as I'm clear, which I do through Lightwork and Breathwork, I can be totally present in all situations I am presented in my day.

I am human and that is not an excuse. It is Truth, just as it is for everyone else, which means that I will be tested. I will be given many opportunities to take a look at who I am. I will make mistakes. I will say the wrong thing. I will get sick. BUT, I now have the choice to stay present at all times, to recognize what's happening, what's coming up and do something about it. I have learned to turn it/everything over to Divine, to trust that I will be guided (if I listen), and then learn to live the new me (or the old me) without judgment. What a relief!! I don't have to judge myself anymore and I know that Spirit is not judging me either. If others want to judge me, it is for them to decide and for them to live, not for me to be concerned with. In this way, I am able to stay tuned into my energy and not take on theirs.

My belief is that a client cannot and will not heal if they do not believe they have a part in the healing. It is imperative that my clients learn to Breathe prior to any Energy work. This way they participate and they can take a technique with them when they leave the safety of my office and head back into the real world.

I can journey for a client for soul retrieval, I can clear and balance their chakras, I can clear old energy in their illuminous body; but I can t make them accept the healing and/or believe that the healing occurred. My belief is that the client must choose to participate by doing Breathwork and spending some time after energy work talking about how they are feeling, or what the release of the energy means for them (i.e. who will they be if they no longer are holding onto that old energy?)

This is very important to me as a counselor and healer. To teach people how to learn to help heal themselves. If recognition of old thinking, old energy, new thinking and new energy, for examples, is even a moment of enlightenment, then imagine if the client moves through their day with small moments of enlightenment!! Talk about healing!!! And, I can be their conduit to teach them this practice.

What a huge responsibility to work with others. I take this seriously. No matter what Divine has in store for me, I will continue to develop spiritually because it is only for me that I am given this gift. If I choose, or if Divine helps me choose, to send it out into the world, then I will do so with pride and honor. I will write (and not always with the best grammar and punctuation), I will teach (and not always using the best grammar there either)and I will do my personal work at all times.

For this I am grateful, Cathy

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