Edwards Office:
I am only in Edwards on Wednesday's - I work in a conference room at CMC and have limited private session appointments available
I hold Wednesday DUI groups at CMC as well

The Eagle office is located at 407 Broadway, #2, Eagle

The Vail Valley is small. Because of this, I honor the work we will do together and nothing ever leaves my office or is shared in any way with another person.

ANNOUNCING An Exciting New Program in the Vail Valley
A Free Introductory Evening on Friday, Dec. 17 at 6pm for anyone interested in finding out more about this wonderful program
The first 9 week intensive begins on January 17 at 6pm. The program is a commitment to 9 weeks of a 2 hour group per week along with an individual counseling session per week. There will be homework given and discussed week to week.
When we think of "recovery," we usually think of alcoholics but we are all in some type of recovery, from emotional states of mind, from food, from sex, from drugs, and so much more. This intensive program will help us heal, from the inside out.
There will be no one recovery program used. This will integrate a few different philosophies for recovery. No one recovery program works for all.
Cost is $200 per week or a total of $1800 and a 9 week commitment is required.
Please call with any questions.


All individual sessions are $90/hr - first session recommended 2 hr - $170 (unless otherwise noted) - Buy 4 or more sessions up front and receive a discout (call for more info)
Spiritual Counseling
- Inner work
- Spiritual Growth
- Healing wounds of the past
- Intuitive Counseling
- Connecting to the Divine within
- Trust
- Faith
- An understanding that what we have to heal can be done in Peace
- Learn to breathe into the Divine within
- Meditation
- Peace
- Moment by moment \\\'coming home\\\'
Energy Work
- Energy Medicine
- Reiki, Illuminous Energy, Healing
Addictions - Certified Addictions Counselor III
- Alcohol and drug addiction
- Food and emotional addictions
Marriage & Family
- I work with each partner individually for 2 to 4 sessions, then when everyone agrees, we will meet as a couple. This way each person can begin to explore their individual issues prior to the issues and energy of the relationship.
- Cost: $150/hr for couple - if you request 2 hour session - $250
- Call to discuss multiple session discounts
Anger Management
- Where does your anger come from? What are the triggers? Do you think you are anger? These and more will be explored - anger can be tamed

I will spend a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your appointment preparing for your arrival/phone call. This is to prepare the space and my energy for your work. I honor your request for the healing work and ask that you honor your own preparation prior to our work together.

Counseling sessions are held in person or by phone
Please call 970-376-6660 to make an appt.

All sessions are by appointment only
First session (preferred)is 2 hours at a cost of $170
Every session thereafter is $90 per hour

Cancellations are to be made with a 12 hour minimum notice or half of the cost of the session scheduled for you will be charged, i.e. a 2 hour session will be charged $85, a one hour will be charged $45

All sessions are guided by Spirit depending on what the needs of the client are. The issues that are prevalent will arise as we begin to talk. My work involves getting to the soul issues - this is a great way to get right to the heart of the matter. Please don\\\'t hesitate to ask questions prior to our session.

Weddings Tradition and non-traditional - Cost varies depending on location of wedding - starting cost $250

Births Welcoming the new soul ceremony
Life Ceremonies Graduations, Anniversaries
Assisting in the dying transition
Animals Energy healing work and communication

Ear Candling - Non-invasive method of ear wax removal

What is ear candling?
An ancient Chinese method of ear wax removal by gently placing a lightly waxed, hollow 12\\\" cone into the ear canal and lighting it on fire. The fire creates a suction which draws the wax into the lower section of the cone. This is a wonderful method of removing excess wax which collects bacteria, adding to allergies, colds, sore throats and nasal infections.
I\\\'ve used ear candles for over 12 years and find that if I candle my ears when the inside of my throat begins to itch or my ears itch or I\\\'ve been around a lot of people with colds, I can remove the bacteria from the ear canal and I actually feel much better and clearer.
Ear candling is extremely gentle and there is no pain. You will hear a crackling noice and some times will feel a small suction noise, but none of it is alarming. When the cone is completed, we unroll the remaining cone and see what came out of the ear canal. It\\\'s pretty amazing - try it, you might like it!!

My fee is $45 per ear candling session - you get your ears cleansed in a nice, energetic, soothing, comforting environment - and, good conversation (or not - just peace and quiet) for approx. 45 minutes. Doesn\\\'t that sound wonderful?

Please call if you have any questions regarding any of the services listed above.

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