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BEGENDINGS: A New Perspective
Life is not about the beginning or the ending. It is about the Present Moment.
Paperbacks - $19.99
Hardbacks - $29.99


Individual Session - $90/hr
2 Hour Individual Session - $170
Multiple Sessions - 4 sessions @ $75/hr - $300
Multiple Sessions - 5 sessions @ $75/hr - $375
Multiple Sessions - 6 sessions @ $75/hr - $450
1 hour Couples Counseling - $150
2 hour Couples Counseling - $$250
For Alcohol or Mental Health Evaluations, please order 1 hour Couples counseling session @ $150

Session Cost Options

9 Week Program - Cost $1,800
Payments can be made with approval, please call to discuss if you need to make payments, etc.

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EAR CANDLES - $2.00 each or a 10-pack for $20 - Comes with instructions if you need

Each or Pack

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Pictures of T-shirts and Bracelets will be coming soon!


Wear a T-Shirt that reminds you of who you are or what to remember throughout your day And to provide an inspiration to others.

T-Shirts will express the following reminders:
I Am
I Am Light

Please specify size, color, long sleeve, short sleeve or camisole and saying you want on your shirt.

All T-shirts are S, M, L, XL
Costs - Long Sleeves = $35
Short Sleeves = $25
Camisoles = $20


Each bracelet is hand-made and one of a kind. Just specify color preference browns, greens, blues or purples and a special bracelet will be made for you.

The inspiring words with each bracelet reads:

I will wear this bracelet
And remember to Breathe

Breath is our sacred connection To the Divine
From the first Breath taken
At birth
To the last breath you take
At death
Breathing remains
Your companion
The movement of Spirit in the
Body is reflected in the
Movement of Breath

The cost of each bracelet is $12 (plus shipping)

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  I AM - CZ