"To help someone find what they know to find, not what we think we should find within is a rare gift. Cathy’s work has changed my life and continues to change my life. As her practice grows so do the lives she touches with it. In a world full of hopeful pilgrims honing their own skills, it’s a blessing to have the help of such a gifted Teacher."
Thanks for always, Toony McLuwan

"I personally recommend Cathy Zeeb to anyone who is interested in finding your soul connection or learning about New Age Wisdom. She is an asset to her field and our community."
Sincerely, Susan Balcomb- Naturopath – Eagle Co.

"Through my work with Cathy, I have experienced a spiritual transformation. I have learned to tap into my inner Source to live a more truthful, abundant life."
A nurse at Vail Valley Medical Center, Vail, Colorado

To an Angel, a Guide and a Friend:
"When the world was dark, lonely and frightful you entered my life for reasons I was not aware of then. I know now!! Your guidance and voice allowed me to experience myself in a way I never thought to. You helped me to look at myself in a completely different way then the way I did day after day. Your teachings allowed me to examine and analyze my positives and negatives attributes of myself. You taught me how to look at myself, think about myself and most of all learn how to change things about myself that would make me feel better about who I am, my inner soul and overall well being. It was not easy. I experience all kinds of emotions from painful to exciting to confusion. It was hard work but very powerful, enlightening and overall the most fulfilling and successful thing I have ever done for myself. My family and friends totally agree!! A person must really want to change and become a better person otherwise any counseling will not work.
It is all about you! You taught me that when a person allows the light to shine throughout their whole entire body anything can happen and the doors to new paths will open for you to experience. When I finally was able to get to that point my whole being changed not just for me but everyone around me. Cathy taught me so much which has enabled me to pass some of the information I learned to those family and friends that need help or are interested in how I changed 360 degrees to a better person. You taught me one important aspect in my life and that is how to be patient. By teaching me patience,changing my attitude and listening (not speaking but really listening) to myself and others I learned to overcome my fears, improve my innerstrength, self esteem and my overall spirit. Your teaching allowed me to develop into a person I really admire and have always wanted to be. You are my angel, my guide and my friend. Your spirit is with me wherever I go. If I need you, I know that your will always be with me wherever I am. Your strength, wisdom, patience and the ability to teach a person how to overcome what we think is the inevitable is truly amazing. Cathy opened my world to endless possibilities."

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